The Guide to Statues and Sculptures in Stockholm: Part 2 [12 Places]

In the first part of our ultimate guide, I showed you primarily statues depicting former reigning monarchs and other important historical members of the Swedish society. Sculptures can have many forms, though, and this time, I show you a number of mythological figures together with more sculptures we have not visited yet.Read more

Stockholm Cathedral: The 700-Year-Old Witness of Stockholm’s Existence

If places could talk, it would likely be this 700-year-old church that could tell you the most impressive stories concerning Stockholm. It has seen dozens of kings come and go, thousands of idols grow up and die. It has witnessed the rise of the Swedish capital from a medieval settlement to world dominance. It was here that kings were coronated, princes and princesses got married. Let’s explore Stockholm Cathedral (Storkyrkan).Read more

Places of Interest: 10 Unusual Sights in the White Mountains, Södermalm

In this week’s issue of places of interest, I bring you ten of the most interesting attractions you can find in the area known as White Mountains (Vita Bergen) located in the south-eastern part of Södermalm. The area has been protected as a cultural preserve since 1956 and as such presents a beautiful, nostalgic view of the past.Read more

The Guide to Statues and Sculptures in Stockholm: Part 1 [16 Places]

Traditions differ from place to place and what is common in one country may be unheard of in another. Sometimes, what we take for granted today might have been a complete utopia some time ago. I am not talking about modern technology or medicine now. What I am talking about in this guide is the statues and sculptures that give the environment around us a somewhat more sophisticated, elaborate, and human touch. Read more

Von Rosen Palace: Two Distinct Facades, One Noble Stockholm Residence

When talking about private palaces in Stockholm, we usually think of the monumental facades of the noble residences from the 17th century, their rich décor, high ceilings, and spacious interiors. However, such residences used to be built even long after the end of the era of the Swedish Empire.Read more

Places of Interest: 10 Places To Admire Wall Anchors In Gamla Stan

Every unique historical environment must have its characteristic features that make it unique in the first place. The Old Town of Stockholm (Gamla Stan) is considered one of the most well-preserved medieval city centres in the world and as such, it offers a variety of these features to explore. Some of them might be fairly obvious while others require your close attention, which is why in this episode of Places of Interest, I help you discover the magic of the wall anchors in Stockholm’s Old Town.Read more

Drottningholm Palace: The World-Class Exquisite 17th-Century Palace

Even before you set a foot on the land belonging to Drottningholm Palace (Drottningholms slott), it is obvious that this place is in no way usual. The permanent residence of the Swedish Royal Couple has been shaped by centuries of royal traditions, modelled by the hands of the foremost architects who have ever left their mark in Sweden, and influenced by design and art movements from all around the world.Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Parks and Gardens in Stockholm [15 Places]

No matter whether you are planning to enjoy a nice walk in a garden on your own, a barbecue with your friends and family, or an afternoon in a park with your children, you will find a place that you will love in our Ultimate Guide to Parks and Gardens in Stockholm.Read more

Places of Interest: 7 Places to Visit at and around Norrmalmstorg

Unlike many other places in Central Stockholm, Norrmalmstorg Square has changed a lot during the last few centuries. The square has come a long way from the garbage-filled area it once used to be and it has not avoided some dramatic events along the way, which make its story so much more fascinating.Read more

The Guide to Historical Private Palaces in Stockholm [19 Places]

Explore all of the most impressive private historical palaces in Stockholm formerly owned by the nobility and other eminent individuals. In this thorough guide, you will find 19 stunning palaces built between the 17th and the 20th century together with their stories, images, and more.Read more