Cruise to Stockholm Guide: What to See in Less Than a Day

Cruises are a fun way to enjoy some adventures on the sea but also to get to know new places. Discover what you can do and what you should see during your short stay in Stockholm in this guide.Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Squares and Plazas in Stockholm [20 Places]

Squares are where we relax, where we enjoy beautiful sights, where we meet with our dear ones. We probably do not think about this very often, but without squares, our cities would like quite a bit different than they do today. Imagine there was no Trafalgar Square in London, no Plaza de España in Madrid, no Stefansplatz in Vienna, or no Stortorget in Stockholm. A significant part of the history of each of these few monumental cities would be lost.Read more

The Guide to Beautiful and Famous Streets in Stockholm [11 Places]

In this guide, we discover famous streets in Stockholm worthy of their fame and some of the less-known, but certainly not less impressive, streets that you should get to know in the Swedish capital.Read more

The Guide to School Buildings Worth Seeing in Stockholm [17 Places]

Schools. Most of us attended a few of them in our lifetime. Many of us still visit one, or perhaps even several of them, regularly, and almost everyone is likely to know a school in their neighbourhood. In Stockholm, but also in Sweden in general, schools are often more than just educational institutions. Many school buildings are so impressive that even if you have never been inside, they can enrich your everyday life or at least your visit to the city.Read more

The Guide to the Most Interesting Bridges in Stockholm [10 Places]

Sea views, just like beautiful views of lakes, add something extra to the attractiveness of a city. All the water also brings a plenty of practical benefits to everyday lives of the city’s residents. It all comes at a price, though. One is essentially lost without being able to move across the water and using a boat can not only be costly and impractical, sometimes it is straight impossible. Discover the most interesting bridges in Stockholm!…Read more

Guide To Royal Places in Stockholm [11 Places]

From the Royal Palace of Stockholm and the Stockholm Cathedral that laid the foundation of the royal presence in Stockholm to the beloved 18th-century residence of Gustav III at Haga Park. In this guide, you will find all of the most impressive places in Stockholm whose stories are closely related to the Swedish kings and princes. Read more

The Guide to Statues and Sculptures in Stockholm: Part 2 [12 Places]

In the first part of our ultimate guide, I showed you primarily statues depicting former reigning monarchs and other important historical members of the Swedish society. Sculptures can have many forms, though, and this time, I show you a number of mythological figures together with more sculptures we have not visited yet.Read more

The Guide to Statues and Sculptures in Stockholm: Part 1 [16 Places]

Traditions differ from place to place and what is common in one country may be unheard of in another. Sometimes, what we take for granted today might have been a complete utopia some time ago. I am not talking about modern technology or medicine now. What I am talking about in this guide is the statues and sculptures that give the environment around us a somewhat more sophisticated, elaborate, and human touch. Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Parks and Gardens in Stockholm [15 Places]

No matter whether you are planning to enjoy a nice walk in a garden on your own, a barbecue with your friends and family, or an afternoon in a park with your children, you will find a place that you will love in our Ultimate Guide to Parks and Gardens in Stockholm.Read more

The Guide to Historical Private Palaces in Stockholm [19 Places]

Explore all of the most impressive private historical palaces in Stockholm formerly owned by the nobility and other eminent individuals. In this thorough guide, you will find 19 stunning palaces built between the 17th and the 20th century together with their stories, images, and more.Read more