The Origins of Stockholm: When, How, and Why Was it Founded?

Here at Trevl, we talk a lot about individual places you can visit in Stockholm. We often look at their history since the stories behind these places and people who shaped them help us understand why they turned out to be the way they did and why they are considered prominent or valuable. In this post, I take you all the way to the foundation of the Swedish capital and explain when Stockholm was founded, by whom, and why it happened in the first place. Read more

Rosendal Palace: The Summer Royal Residence Hidden on Djurgården

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post on Rosendals Garden (Rosendals trädgård) that was built as a park worthy of the royal property which stands nearby. I have not given much attention to the palace at Rosendal in the aforementioned post, but only because in this one we are going to discover when, how, and why Rosendal Palace on the northern edge of Djurgården was built.Read more

Kungsträdgården: The King’s Garden in the Heart of Stockholm

Stockholm’s Old Town (Gamla stan) is without a doubt an amazing historical place to visit. The island where it resides is also quite small, though, and so, there was not enough space for everything that there should be in a city as important as Stockholm. That is the reason why you will need to get outside of the borders of the historical city centre of the Swedish capital to visit Kungsträdgården (‘The King’s Garden’).Read more

Karlberg Palace: Temporary Residence of the Royals who Lost their Home

At the edge of Stockholm’s Vasastaden district on the shore of the Karlberg Lake (Karlbergssjön), there stands an equally named palace originating in the 17th century. Today, the palace its characteristic thanks to its long wings on the lakefront side but it has not always looked the same, which is why I tell you the whole story of this exclusive property in this post.Read more

Stories Behind the Three Prettiest Bridges in Central Stockholm

The city of Stockholm was not nicknamed the ‘Venice of the North’ by accident. The inner city of the Swedish capital is composed of 14 islands in a Baltic Sea archipelago, which are obviously connected by many bridges. Both historically and in the present day, these bridges have always been essential to the city infrastructure…Read more

Rosendals Garden – The Once Ground-Breaking Royal Garden on Djurgården

Recently, I covered the story of a bridge you likely cross when you go to the Stockholm’s island of Djurgården. Djurgårdsbron bridge is a connection between two city parts with very distinct atmospheres. While I mentioned the exclusive Strandvägen in Östermalm among the most interesting promenades you can find in the Swedish capital, Djurgården is a place where you can go for a little break in a calm environment surrounded by nature.Read more