Hedvig Eleonora Church: Stockholm’s Unique Octagonal Site in Östermalm

Historically, the constructions of major buildings that were meant to change the character of a city landscape often came with a set of difficult challenges. In this post, I present you a place in Stockholm that was under construction for astounding 68 years before it was finally unveiled, still not quite completed.Read more

Maritime Museum in Stockholm: Remembering Sweden’s Naval History

When you decide to take a walk around the northern shores of the Djurgårdsbrunnsviken bay in Stockholm, you will soon find yourself at Museiparken, an area filled with museums. Likely the most notable structure there, and the first one you will see when arriving from the city centre, is the unique building of the Maritime Museum (Sjöhistoriska museet) that we discover in this post.Read more

St. John’s Church in Stockholm: Built After Centuries of Planning

St. John’s Church (Sankt Johannes kyrka) is one of those places that you might easily miss when strolling the major streets of Stockholm. It would be a great shame if you did not get to know this monumental building. Once you get to see it, I hope you will understand why.Read more

Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde: Sweden’s Most Beautiful Art Museum

Former royal residences serve varying functions in modern cities. A few of them are still inhabited by members of the world’s royal families. Others are used for representative purposes or house government organisations. It is quite rare, though, that their modern-day purpose is as in sync with the original owner’s vision as Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde on Djurgården in Stockholm.Read more

Maria Magdalena Church: The Oldest Church on Södermalm in Stockholm

In case you were wondering, there are always more churches for you to discover in Stockholm and any one of them will hardly disappoint. While many of them are barely more than a hundred years old, the one I present you in this post has been a part of the city landscape for centuries. Let me introduce you to Maria Magdalena Church (S:ta Maria Magdalena kyrka) on the Södermalm island in Stockholm.Read more

Adolf Fredrik Church: Original 18th-Century Facade and a Long History

A place that had stood in the location long before the arrival of the rush of the modern city. A place that has not only witnessed plentiful changes happening all around but also experienced major changes itself. All of this and much more, that is the Adolf Fredrik Church (Adolf Fredriks kyrka) in Stockholm.Read more

Rosenbad: Swedish Government Symbol with a Rich History

Places, just like people, evolve over time. We could almost say that they live their own lives. These lives do not last fifty or a hundred years nor can they end in a blink of an eye. While we could go back in time essentially as long as we want to explore a place, we usually only think of a certain, fairly short period of time of which we have a detailed account. My main point is, places have not always been what they are today and the more of their story we know, the better.Read more

Stefanskyrkan: The Simple Stone Church in Vanadislunden in Stockholm

Churches in Stockholm are a special category of historic sites all by themselves. You can literally spend days exploring them. Most importantly though, I am quite confident to say that you can do that without ever getting bored. The variety of styles, shapes, construction materials and stories of these places is so great that your biggest issue might be remembering to which church a particular story belongs.Read more

English Church in Stockholm: The Same Building at a Different Place

What we attempt to do here at Trevl is tell you unique stories of places around us and that way help you realise that everyday places are more interesting than you thought. In this post, I bring you a true gem among stories of historical places in Stockholm. Seriously, parts of this story could hardly get any more exciting. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, and start from the beginning.Read more

Spökslottet: The Haunted Palace on Drottninggatan in Stockholm

Drottninggatan is one of Stockholm’s most well-known streets. However, there is a part of it which I do not think receives the attention it deserves. The two different worlds you can find on Drottninggatan are separated by Tegnérgatan. One of them is lively, full of people from all around the world seeking entertainment while the other is much calmer, perhaps better capturing the true nature of the city. Read more