Skeppsholmen Church: The Remarkable Building from the Early 1800s

Skeppsholmen Church (Skeppsholmskyrka), or as it may be called today, Eric Ericson Hall (Eric Ericsonhallen), is one of the notable buildings on the city landscape of Stockholm that many of you may know from pictures and movies. However, its characteristic shape might never have existed had a few interesting things not happened. In this post, I, therefore, not only tell you what you can see at Skeppsholmen Church today but also how the building turned out the way it did. Read more

Tantolunden and Vitabergsparken: The Largest Hill Parks on Södermalm

Hill parks are unique places in the city landscape of the Swedish capital. They offer a plenty of greenery, stunning views and overall pleasant areas for the residents as well as visitors of Stockholm. I have previously introduced you to a few of these parks and the general story of their creation but I left out those located on the Södermalm island, which we discover in this post instead. Read more

National Romantic Architecture and Where to Find it in Stockholm

In this post, we look at the architectural style that became most characteristic of Sweden especially in the latter half of the nineteenth century as well as in the early years of the twentieth. Apart from the style itself, I show you the most notable buildings where you can observe all its elements. Read more

Most Beautiful Libraries to Visit in Stockholm

Libraries are the kind of place that you can find in almost every major city in developed countries around the world. Not only that, but they come in all shapes and sizes and in Stockholm, for instance, there are a few that are particularly interesting to visit, if only from the architectural viewpoint. In this post, we discover a few Stockholm libraries with unique stories. Read more

Stockholm Court House: National Romanticism at Its Best

If you had the chance to visit the Kungsholmen island only a little more than a hundred years ago, you would have seen a completely different scenery from what you can find on the island today. I have previously told you the stories of two major constructions that were built in this part of Stockholm in the early 1900s and now it is time to get to know another one.Read more

Piperska muren: What Survived from the Prettiest Garden in Stockholm

Walking through the Kungsholmen island in Stockholm, you will not find many places that date back longer than to the second half of the nineteenth century. However, there is at least one place between the beautiful residential buildings and impressive constructions housing public institutions, that still carries at least parts of its historic heritage. Read more

Stockholm Olympic Stadium: The One-of-a-kind Athletic Castle

There are many historical places in Stockholm that have witnessed a plenty of action during the past centuries. Some of them were even there when world’s unique ideas and institutions, such as the world’s first central bank, were formed. One building, though, has seen more action in the last one hundred years than probably any other, especially in one specific field – sports.Read more

Högalid Church: One of the Brightest Examples of National Romanticism

In the latest episode of our weekly series Places of interest, I showed you my favourite places in the western part of Stockholm’s Södermalm, Hornstull. As I mentioned in that post, Högalid Church (Högalids kyrka) standing at the top of Högalid Hill is the most prominent attraction in the area and we should definitely discover it more thoroughly. Well, that is exactly what we are going to do in this post.Read more

Sager Palace: The Palace Turned into the Swedish Prime Minister’s Home

In Stockholm, like in so many other historical cities, it is not too hard to know which historical buildings come from the oldest eras of the city and which, on the other hand, are somewhat newer. However, Stockholm’s being located on several islands makes it even easier to distinguish the oldest core of the city from the rest. Read more

Story of Three Unique Hill Parks in Central Stockholm

The population of Stockholm was increasing rapidly in the latter half of the nineteenth century, what brought many issues that the authorities and the residents needed to tackle. One of them was the decreasing quality of public areas that were not designed to accommodate that many people. Bad air was also becoming an issue with the increase of traffic in the city. Read more