Stockholm Police House: The Unknown Treasure on Kungsholmen

Apart from being an extraordinarily attractive residential area, the Kungsholmen island west of the heart of Stockholm is the home of some particularly beautiful administrative buildings. One of the most iconic ones, Stockholm City Hall, is located right at the edge of the island overlooking the Old Town. Further west, where many people never go, are the monumental Court House and the exquisite Police House that we discover in this post. Read more

Hagaparken: Stokholm’s Oasis of Greenery with Royal Roots

As I showed you in an earlier post, Stockholm is full of nice parks where you can enjoy your summer days surrounded by an appealing combination of nature and eye-pleasing architecture. Many of these parks also have an interesting story to tell, some even have royal roots. All of that is true about Haga Park (Hagaparken), which I tell you everything about in this post.Read more

Gustaf Vasa Church: The Biggest Church in Stockholm

In what is perhaps the most prominent location in the Vasastaden district in Stockholm, stands a church named after the legendary king Gustav Vasa, just like the district itself. Gustaf Vasa Church (Gustaf Vasa kyrka) is not the oldest church in the city, nor is it located in the historical heart of the Swedish capital. Though with its 1,500 seats, it is Stockholm’s largest place of worship and it was constructed during the era when large parts of Stockholm were shaped and many of the most beautiful buildings were built.Read more

Humlegården: The Royal Garden Founded to Support Beer Production

There is no shortage of pleasant, green places in Stockholm. Even in the city centre, you can find a plenty of beautiful, diverse parks where you can enjoy the warm, sunny days when they arrive in the Swedish capital. Humlegården is one of the largest parks in central Stockholm, which has been in its place long before most of the places that surround it and even places that can be considered inseparable from the park today. Read more

Mariaberget: Stockholm Södermalm’s Area Where History Meets Present

Nearly every district and every island in Stockholm has its distinct style. In Södermalm, though, you can even find several different styles within the same district. Earlier, I have introduced you to the White Mountains borough, for example, which is a cultural preserve today. in this post, we look at a quite different area called Mariaberget (“Maria Hill”) on the northern edge of the island. Read more

Stureplan: An Exclusive and Popular Meeting Point in Central Stockholm

It may be hard to tell where the true centre of Stockholm is. Is it the medieval Old Town (Gamla stan)? Or is it Nybroplan where the famous Strandvägen begins? Perhaps it is Sergels torg with the huge House of Culture and a plenty of boutiques. Some would argue it is Stureplan where three major, prominent streets meet. Well, it seems that everyone can choose their own place in this unique city and consider it its centre. Stureplan, though, was and still is an important meeting point for many Stockholmers and it is time for us to look at why it is so.Read more

The National Library of Sweden: More Than a Collection of Old Books

The National Library of Sweden (Kungliga biblioteket) is likely one of those places you would not normally pay any particular attention to. Sure, its historical building might catch your interest for a while but it is not too obvious at first sight how special the facilities in which the library resides are. Nor would you be able to see the impressive story behind the institution itself. In this post, we are going to discover both.Read more

Långholmen: The Island Showing Off the Green Side of Stockholm

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is a unique city when compared to other European metropolises. Its geographic location is to a large extent responsible for its character, but it is not only the water that is so typical of the city. Another important characteristic of Stockholm is the abundance of greenery in and around the city centre.Read more

Bromma Church: Nine Centuries of History in a Single Building

Recently, I have covered the origins of Stockholm and how it had become the most important city in the region. In that post, however, I only talked about the historical centre of the city where most of the action had happened. Perhaps surprisingly, though, some of the oldest buildings in the Swedish capital do not stand in the Old Town (Gamla stan) nor anywhere nearby.Read more

Places of Interest: 7 Stockholm Residences of Historical Figures

Cities of historical importance are places that hide some very characteristic locations that can hardly be found in other towns. Among other things, these cities were the homes of reigning monarchs, statesmen, and essentially all important social figures at least at some point in their lives. Stockholm is no exception and in this post, we…Read more