Royal Djurgården: History and Tips to Enjoy Stockholm’s Green Oasis

Few places in Stockholm are so special and as characteristic of the city as the one we explore in this post. Stockholm’s unique geography is what sets it apart from most other cities in many aspects but one of its islands is particularly impressive. It is a royal place where even you and I can enjoy world-class museums, exquisite architecture and, most importantly, wonderful nature directly in the heart of the Swedish capital.Read more

Bergius Botanic Garden: A Beautiful Retreat from the City Rush

There is no doubt that there are a plenty of green places all around Stockholm where you can take a little break and enjoy the summer sitting on a bench or lying on nice lawns. However, it is never a bad idea to take your retreat from the rush of the city one step further and go to some place that feels completely detached from the daily struggles of life. Welcome to the Bergius Botanic Garden!…Read more

Tantolunden and Vitabergsparken: The Largest Hill Parks on Södermalm

Hill parks are unique places in the city landscape of the Swedish capital. They offer a plenty of greenery, stunning views and overall pleasant areas for the residents as well as visitors of Stockholm. I have previously introduced you to a few of these parks and the general story of their creation but I left out those located on the Södermalm island, which we discover in this post instead. Read more

Story of Three Unique Hill Parks in Central Stockholm

The population of Stockholm was increasing rapidly in the latter half of the nineteenth century, what brought many issues that the authorities and the residents needed to tackle. One of them was the decreasing quality of public areas that were not designed to accommodate that many people. Bad air was also becoming an issue with the increase of traffic in the city. Read more

Hagaparken: Stokholm’s Oasis of Greenery with Royal Roots

As I showed you in an earlier post, Stockholm is full of nice parks where you can enjoy your summer days surrounded by an appealing combination of nature and eye-pleasing architecture. Many of these parks also have an interesting story to tell, some even have royal roots. All of that is true about Haga Park (Hagaparken), which I tell you everything about in this post.Read more

Humlegården: The Royal Garden Founded to Support Beer Production

There is no shortage of pleasant, green places in Stockholm. Even in the city centre, you can find a plenty of beautiful, diverse parks where you can enjoy the warm, sunny days when they arrive in the Swedish capital. Humlegården is one of the largest parks in central Stockholm, which has been in its place long before most of the places that surround it and even places that can be considered inseparable from the park today. Read more

Rosendals Garden – The Once Ground-Breaking Royal Garden on Djurgården

Recently, I covered the story of a bridge you likely cross when you go to the Stockholm’s island of Djurgården. Djurgårdsbron bridge is a connection between two city parts with very distinct atmospheres. While I mentioned the exclusive Strandvägen in Östermalm among the most interesting promenades you can find in the Swedish capital, Djurgården is a place where you can go for a little break in a calm environment surrounded by nature.Read more

Judarskogen Nature Preserve – Breath-taking Nature Directly In the City

From the very heart of Stockholm, we are moving to a wholly different part of the city in this post. While in a couple of previous posts we were looking at some of the eldest and most noble places around such as the Riddarholm Church, this time we go to nature. The place I tell…Read more