Places of Interest: 6 Places to Take Pictures of Stockholm’s Old Town

The Old Town (Gamla stan) of Stockholm is one of the best preserved medieval city centres you can find and it would be a great shame not to take a couple of beautiful pictures when you visit it so that you can later revisit your great memories. In this post, I show you my favourite…Read more

Places of Interest: 9 Beautiful Places in Östermalm, Stockholm

Östermalm is without a doubt one of the most exclusive parts of Stockholm. Its western border is roughly formed by likely the most exclusive boulevard in the city, Birger Jarlsgatan, it is the home of many splendid historic sites such as Oscar’s Church, and its southernmost part is formed by the world-famous Strandvägen. All of…Read more

Places of Interest: 7 Stockholm Residences of Historical Figures

Cities of historical importance are places that hide some very characteristic locations that can hardly be found in other towns. Among other things, these cities were the homes of reigning monarchs, statesmen, and essentially all important social figures at least at some point in their lives. Stockholm is no exception and in this post, we…Read more

Places of Interest: North-Eastern Södermalm

This week in Places of interest we will look at some interesting attractions in the north-eastern part of Södermalm in Stockholm. This area is known by the locals because of Slussen and Stadsgården which are places visited by thousands every day. Last week, I brought you stories of five staircases in this area which have…Read more