Katarinaberget: The History of Stockholm Architecture in One Borough

If getting back in time and exploring the architectural journey of Stockholm through the history sounds like an exciting experience to you, I have a treat that is just right for you. Katarinaberget is a well-preserved historical area in the north-eastern part of the Södermalm Island in Stockholm and a unique opportunity to explore the continuous evolvement of the urban environment in the Swedish capital.Read more

Beaches of Kungsholmen, Stockholm: Discover the Island from its Shores

Water is essentially synonymous with the city of Stockholm. So are beaches. Sure, perhaps not in the sense we usually think of beaches with sand, beach umbrellas and margaritas but still, beaches are literally everywhere in Stockholm.Read more

Places of Interest: 7 Places to Visit at and around Norrmalmstorg

Unlike many other places in Central Stockholm, Norrmalmstorg Square has changed a lot during the last few centuries. The square has come a long way from the garbage-filled area it once used to be and it has not avoided some dramatic events along the way, which make its story so much more fascinating.Read more

Places of Interest: 10 Gorgeous Historic Sites on Riddarholmen

In this issue of the Places of Interest series, I show you a few exceptional historical places located on the Riddarholmen Island forming a part of the Old Town of Stockholm (Gamla Stan). Riddarholmen is said to have been the place where the first residents of what later became Stockholm settled, which is only one of many curiosities connected to the island.Read more

Places of Interest: 9 Charming Places in Eastern Kungsholmen

With the monumental Stockholm City Hall being right at the edge of the Kungsholmen Island, you might think there is nothing that could overcome its beauty on the rest of the island. Perhaps you would be right and perhaps not, but I can guarantee you that the City Hall has some tough competition among landmarks in the eastern part of Kungsholmen.Read more

Guide to Areas, Boroughs, Districts and Neighbourhoods in Stockholm

Orientation among the names and the division of the individual areas in Stockholm might be a challenge if you are not familiar with the city. It is only logical, though, that as a visitor or even a newcomer to the city you would like to know the best areas to stay, the most pleasant areas to visit, and what interesting places there are in each of the city parts.Read more

Places of Interest: 3 Architectural Masterpieces on Kastellholmen

Residing just across the bay from the Royal Palace, Kastellholmen is a small island but offers a number of interesting historical places connected to its military history to visit as well as nice views of the surrounding areas of Stockholm.Read more

Lindhagen: One of the Most Modern Waterfront Areas in Stockholm

Modern architecture, sea views, waterfront promenades, and proximity to greenery, as well as historic sites, all in one place. Too good to be true? Perhaps not quite. Keep reading and discover why you should visit the area of Stockholm colloquially known as Lindhagen.Read more

Places of Interest: 7 Bridges in the Old Town (Gamla stan) of Stockholm

Stockholm is well known as the city on the water, some even call it the ‘Venice of the North.’ It is only logical then, that the individual islands forming the Swedish capital are connected by many interesting and unique bridges. In this issue of our weekly series Places of Interest, I help you explore the stories behind the bridges that connect the Old Town (Gamla Stan) of Stockholm.Read more

Places of Interest: Top 10 Historical Portals in Stockholm’s Old Town

The Old Town of Stockholm (Gamla stan) is a place that no visitor to the beautiful Swedish capital should miss. This is the place where you can easily imagine how people, including nobles and royals, lived there centuries ago. While exploring some of the greatest historical palaces and cosiest cafés and restaurants in town, you might want to discover other, subtler elements complementing the atmosphere.Read more