Norrmalmstorg And Its Stinking History

Norrmalm is the district in Stockholm which contains parts of the historic city centre and most of the modern centre of Sweden’s capital. In the northern part of Norrmalm you will find Vasastan which is mostly a residential area and also, in my opinion, one of the prettiest parts of Stockholm. I am telling you…Read more

The White Mountains – the Nostalgic Borough with Great Historical Heritage

A place unlike any other in or around Stockholm. A place that has turned its tough, even horrifying history of poverty and terrible living conditions into a romantic, desirable present. Some say the White Mountains (Vita Bergen) have got a patina that gets poets’ and artists’ hearts to clap while it gets the inhabitants to…Read more

Östermalm – the Magical Part of Stockholm

As I promised in the previous post about Stockholm, we are going to look at different parts of this wonderful city to discover what each one of them brings to the table. First on the list is Östermalm, a beautiful historical district just across the bay from the Old Town (Gamla Stan). Östermalm is the…Read more