The Nordic Museum and Its Breathtaking Home on Djurgården in Stockholm

I am sure every Stockholmer and likely most travellers who ever visited the Swedish capital recognise the monumental building of the Nordic Museum (Nordiska Museet) standing near Djurgårdsbron Bridge at the Royal Djurgården. How often do you think about where the museum’s enormous collection of artefacts came from or who stood behind its creation, though?…Read more

The Royal Stables: 5 Centuries of Tradition in a Prominent Location

Horses are as related to monarchies as royal jewels, thrones, palaces, and the nobility. Just like the nobles and the monarchs, royal horses are no regular creatures, and their homes must reflect that. Thankfully, Sweden is no exception which is why in this post, we discover not only the current home of the noblest of horses in the country but also the history of royal stables in Stockholm.Read more

Ersta Diakoni in Stockholm: Inspiring Mission at a Stunning Location

A deaconry. If you are familiar with this term, you are already smarter than me. If not, no worries, I was in your shoes just a while ago, and the fact that I did not know what to imagine when I first read the expression ‘Ersta Deaconry’ (Ersta diakoni) was what spiked my interest. Since then, I visited the ‘Ersta cliff’ (Erstaklippan), did some research, and now I am ready to share my findings with you.Read more

The Southern Theatre in Stockholm: How Did it Evolve?

If you were to visit Stockholm’s Södermalm island in the 19th century, what would you expect to find just south of the historical core of the city? Would it be a poor neighbourhood? Or perhaps a countryside getaway for the upper class?…Read more

Cruise to Stockholm Guide: What to See in Less Than a Day

Cruises are a fun way to enjoy some adventures on the sea but also to get to know new places. Discover what you can do and what you should see during your short stay in Stockholm in this guide.Read more

Central Post Office in Stockholm: A Massive Yet Playful Historic Site

The arrival of the twentieth century changed the way we live in many different ways. While plenty of inventions that are commonplace today, were still unknown a hundred years ago, we can say that the modern lifestyle was very much born around the turn of the century. With more people concentrated in large cities than ever before, the urban infrastructure was only one of many areas that needed rapid development.Read more

Places of Interest: 10 Historic Places at Katarinaberget in Stockholm

Six impressive historic buildings, three charming streets, and an unusual brick structure. That is what we discover in this episode of Place of Interest. All of these are located in the area known as Katarinaberget located in the north-eastern part of the Södermalm Island in Stockholm.Read more

Three Turn-of-the-Century Stockholm Residences Turned Into Museums

Whether you are into art or speciality museums, old or new, exotic or traditional, Stockholm offers more than one place you will enjoy. In this post, however, we focus specifically on three museums that share a common story and come from almost exactly the same period.Read more

The Thiel Gallery: This is How the Wealthiest Swedes Once Lived

More than one of Stockholm’s foremost private residences have been turned into public buildings over the course of the city’s impressive history. These often reflect not only the original owner’s wealth but also their philosophy, hobbies, and worldviews. In this post, I present you the story of the former residence of a banker, passionate art collector, and a mindful man with a deep interest in Nietzsche’s controversial philosophy, Ernest Thiel.Read more

Katarinaberget: The History of Stockholm Architecture in One Borough

If getting back in time and exploring the architectural journey of Stockholm through the history sounds like an exciting experience to you, I have a treat that is just right for you. Katarinaberget is a well-preserved historical area in the north-eastern part of the Södermalm Island in Stockholm and a unique opportunity to explore the continuous evolvement of the urban environment in the Swedish capital.Read more