Explore Parks in Stockholm With Art Performances Under the Stars

Summer Stockholm is so enjoyable other cities are lucky that the days get shorter and the weather gets worse in later parts of the year. Otherwise, it would be nearly impossible for them to compete with the Swedish capital.Read more

Boat Traffic in Stockholm: The Most Exciting Way to Get Around the City

As I am sure you know, Stockholm is a city stretching over numerous islands with water and shores being to a large extent what gives the city its unique character. ‘The Venice of the North,’ as it is known, then offers some great possibilities to get around that you can not find in many other places.Read more

Places of Interest: 12 Charming Entrances Spread Across Stockholm

Foremost architects and artists recognise the value of impressive building entrances no matter whether it comes to apartment houses or public buildings. Lately, I have noticed that more and more people are starting to appreciate charming front doors, neatly decorated front decks, and massive historical portals.Read more

Old Parliament House: The First Seat of the Modern Swedish Parliament

If you have ever visited the Riddarholmen Island in Stockholm, you know that strolling around it does not take long at all. Despite that, the island might manage to keep some of its gems hidden from your sight. I think it is absolutely worthwhile to discover every corner of the island, though, which is why I introduce you to the Old Parliament House (Gamla Riksdagshuset) in this post.Read more

Hallwyl Palace: Experience the Lavish Turn-of-the-Century Lifestyle

Fairly often I tell you stories of historical palaces, venues, and residences. It is not so common, though, that you can go and explore almost every inch of these places for yourself. Inside and out. In the case of the Hallwyl Palace (Hallwylska palatset), that is exactly what you can do, and in the following paragraphs you will find out why you can and totally should visit this outstanding historic site hiding an impressive art collection.Read more

The Only List of Stockholm Museums You Will Ever Need [44 Places]

Visiting a museum or two can be a great way to spend a free afternoon or a day off no matter whether you are in your hometown or thousands of kilometres away. Assuming you pick one that actually matches your interests, that is. Far too many tourists visit popular museums just for the sake of visiting them but in this post, I help you choose the right museum to visit in Stockholm tailored to your interests.Read more

Mariatorget: Where a Disaster was the Beginning of Something Better

Södermalm, located just south of the Old Town of Stockholm, is an island of many different faces. Probably my most favourite part, though, is ‘Maria,’ where you would find Mariaberget, Mariaskolan, Maria Magdalena Church, and Mariatorget. Mariatorget is perhaps the liveliest place in this neighbourhood, and it has been lively for a long time, but for different reasons. Keep reading to find out how the square was born from the ashes of the historical locality and how it caused a confusion barely anyone noticed.Read more

Places of Interest: Stockholm Summer Pedestrian Zones and Pop-up Parks

For the fourth year in a row, in 2018, the City of Stockholm brings back the initiative called ‘Living Stockholm’ (Levande Stockholm). Thanks to this initiative, a number of streets around the city are converted into pedestrian zones with temporary benches, greenery, and, most importantly, without cars. In addition to these, a few so-called Pop-up parks appear in different parts of Stockholm.Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Squares and Plazas in Stockholm [20 Places]

Squares are where we relax, where we enjoy beautiful sights, where we meet with our dear ones. We probably do not think about this very often, but without squares, our cities would like quite a bit different than they do today. Imagine there was no Trafalgar Square in London, no Plaza de España in Madrid, no Stefansplatz in Vienna, or no Stortorget in Stockholm. A significant part of the history of each of these few monumental cities would be lost.Read more

Villa Lusthusporten: From Renowned Tavern to Philanthropist Residence

Right across the road from the Nordic Museum (Nordiska Museet) in the beautiful green milieu of the Royal Djurgården (Kungliga Djurgården), there is an extraordinary historical residence waiting to be admired. It is known under many different names, but its style and character are both unique.Read more