Places of Interest: 7 Places to Visit at and around Norrmalmstorg

Unlike many other places in Central Stockholm, Norrmalmstorg Square has changed a lot during the last few centuries. The square has come a long way from the garbage-filled area it once used to be and it has not avoided some dramatic events along the way, which make its story so much more fascinating.Read more

The Guide to Historical Private Palaces in Stockholm [19 Places]

Explore all of the most impressive private historical palaces in Stockholm formerly owned by the nobility and other eminent individuals. In this thorough guide, you will find 19 stunning palaces built between the 17th and the 20th century together with their stories, images, and more.Read more

Wrangel Palace: The Opulent Noble Residence Turned Into a Court

The Era of the Swedish Empire was a perfect time to be a Swedish nobleman. It is not that being a member of the House of Nobility during other historical periods was no good but there is a reason why so many noble palaces in Stockholm come from the 1600s. While things were going great for many, only a few could be compared to the accomplished general from the Thirty Years’ War Carl Gustaf Wrangel.Read more

Places of Interest: 7 Sights to Make You Want to Visit Bromma in Stockholm

In this episode of Places of interest, we explore the Bromma Borough in the western part of Stockholm. The places I show you in this post are spread out across the borough which makes it difficult to visit them all at once. However, I believe they are all worth seeing so even if you are not staying in Bromma or do not feel like having a several-hour-long walk, you can always come to Bromma several times.Read more

The Ultimate Guide to the Old Town of Stockholm (Gamla Stan): Part 2

In the second part of our Ultimate Guide to the Old Town of Stockholm (Gamla Stan), we explore the most beautiful places surrounding the oldest parts of the historical city centre. These 19 places include many noble palaces, bridges, one of the most impressive churches in Stockholm, and more. Read more

Katarina Church: The Notable Example of Stockholm Baroque Architecture

Having survived seemingly catastrophic events on several occasions, it seems that one of the well-recognised symbols of the Södermalm Island in Stockholm is here to stay. Let’s find out not only how Katarina Church (Katarina kyrka) came to life but also how it has fought to stay alive and not be forgotten in the past.Read more

Places of Interest: 10 Gorgeous Historic Sites on Riddarholmen

In this issue of the Places of Interest series, I show you a few exceptional historical places located on the Riddarholmen Island forming a part of the Old Town of Stockholm (Gamla Stan). Riddarholmen is said to have been the place where the first residents of what later became Stockholm settled, which is only one of many curiosities connected to the island.Read more

The Ultimate Guide to the Old Town of Stockholm (Gamla Stan): Part 1

The Old Town of Stockholm or, as it is known in Swedish, Gamla Stan is recognised internationally as one of the most well-preserved medieval city centres. Let’s explore its most historical parts in this first part of Trevl’s Ultimate Guide to the Old Town of Stockholm.Read more

Stenbock Palace: Stockholm’s Way to Show Even the Nobles Liked Pink

Places around us might be fascinating for many different reasons. Sometimes, we are in awe because of how long ago a place was built. On other occasions, it is the ingenuity it took to design and create a particular place. It might also be that we simply cannot take our eyes off a building or a garden standing in front of us because of its sheer beauty. What if I told you there was a place that combines several of these attributes and you are likely to miss it if you do not look hard enough?…Read more

Places of Interest: 9 Charming Places in Eastern Kungsholmen

With the monumental Stockholm City Hall being right at the edge of the Kungsholmen Island, you might think there is nothing that could overcome its beauty on the rest of the island. Perhaps you would be right and perhaps not, but I can guarantee you that the City Hall has some tough competition among landmarks in the eastern part of Kungsholmen.Read more