Guide to Areas, Boroughs, Districts and Neighbourhoods in Stockholm

Orientation among the names and the division of the individual areas in Stockholm might be a challenge if you are not familiar with the city. It is only logical, though, that as a visitor or even a newcomer to the city you would like to know the best areas to stay, the most pleasant areas to visit, and what interesting places there are in each of the city parts.Read more

Old Swedish National Archives: Stockholm’s Treasure From the 1800s

A place where the time has stopped nearly 130 years ago. A place showing us what being high-tech meant in the late 1800s. A place which, despite its monumentality and grandiose style, was soon deemed to be left in the past. That is the Old National Archives (Gamla riksarkivet) building on Riddarholmen in the most historical part of Stockholm which we look at in this post.Read more

Places of Interest: 3 Architectural Masterpieces on Kastellholmen

Residing just across the bay from the Royal Palace, Kastellholmen is a small island but offers a number of interesting historical places connected to its military history to visit as well as nice views of the surrounding areas of Stockholm.Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Churches in Stockholm [19 Places]

Explore the most impressive of churches located in Stockholm through stories, photos, and more in this ultimate guide.Read more

Lindhagen: One of the Most Modern Waterfront Areas in Stockholm

Modern architecture, sea views, waterfront promenades, and proximity to greenery, as well as historic sites, all in one place. Too good to be true? Perhaps not quite. Keep reading and discover why you should visit the area of Stockholm colloquially known as Lindhagen.Read more

Places of Interest: 6 Places on and near Helgeandsholmen Island

Helgeandsholmen, the small island located in the heart of Stockholm just across the bridge from the monumental Royal Palace, is dominated by the building complex of the Swedish Parliament House. However, the early-20th-century Parliament House is not all there is to find on the Helgeandsholmen island and although it might be hard to believe it at first, it is not large enough to house all of the operations of the Riksdag. Read more

Arvfurstens Palace: Admired Royal Residence in the Heart of Stockholm

Only a few dozen metres from the Swedish House of Parliament (Riksdagshuset) and not much further from the Royal Palace itself, stands a massive yellow palace which once mirrored the famous opera house built by King of Sweden Gustav III. It is known as the Arvfurstens Palace (Arvfurstens palats) and in the following paragraphs, we explore its story from the very beginning until modern days.Read more

Places of Interest: The Most Interesting Statues in Central Stockholm

Some time ago, I wrote a post on public statues in Sweden and especially their long absence in the country. I have also mentioned that while there were literally no public statues displayed in Sweden before the late 18th century, the following two centuries were times during which Swedish artists created an abundant collection of creative sculptures in the major, as well as smaller, cities around the Nordic country.Read more

Places of Interest: 7 Bridges in the Old Town (Gamla stan) of Stockholm

Stockholm is well known as the city on the water, some even call it the ‘Venice of the North.’ It is only logical then, that the individual islands forming the Swedish capital are connected by many interesting and unique bridges. In this issue of our weekly series Places of Interest, I help you explore the stories behind the bridges that connect the Old Town (Gamla Stan) of Stockholm.Read more

Hedvig Eleonora Church: Stockholm’s Unique Octagonal Site in Östermalm

Historically, the constructions of major buildings that were meant to change the character of a city landscape often came with a set of difficult challenges. In this post, I present you a place in Stockholm that was under construction for astounding 68 years before it was finally unveiled, still not quite completed.Read more