Hammarby Sjöstad: From Polluted Harbour to Eco-Friendly Role Model

Once upon a time, there was a dirty, polluted, and somewhat dangerous harbour just south of the inner city of Stockholm. Do not go looking for it just yet, though. Based on the description it might be pretty hard to find today. I have presented quite a few different faces of Stockholm on this blog already but in this post, it is time to discover yet another one, as beautiful and unique as always.Read more

English Church in Stockholm: The Same Building at a Different Place

What we attempt to do here at Trevl is tell you unique stories of places around us and that way help you realise that everyday places are more interesting than you thought. In this post, I bring you a true gem among stories of historical places in Stockholm. Seriously, parts of this story could hardly get any more exciting. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, and start from the beginning.Read more